Hey there. I'm Meaghan (you can call me Meg). I've been creating user experiences and UI art for the game industry for 15 years. I'm currently looking for my next great mission aboard a galaxy-class starship with a stellar crew. As a UX designer with an art-heavy background, I'm looking to transition away from UI art, and into the game design and psychology aspects of game UX with the right team.



about meg

About the Logo

Over the past few years, I've binged a lot of Star Trek. I noticed how Starfleet crews are (usually) effective at problem-solving, because the crew implicitly trusts each member to fulfill their duty to the best of their ability. Their faith in one another, as well as their adaptability and embracing of new ideas, is what makes them resilient to outside threats. I decided that is the kind of crew I'd like to be a part of, and that's why I chose to emulate the comm badge in my logo.

The other theme I wanted to incorporate was that of a compass, signifying what the role of UX in game development means to me: To survey the path ahead, help chart a course, and guide adventurers safely to their destination.

About me

I'm based in the greater Boston area (see photo for evidence) and prefer to work remotely. Professionally, I'm a UI/UX Swiss army knife with 15 years of experience in games and game-adjacent spaces. I have a particular interest in accessibility and neuropsychology. Personally, I'm a big nerd, artist, and lifelong learner, often combining those qualities where possible. A few other things I'd call myself: A neurodivergence acceptance advocate, hobbyist apparel designer, erratic crafter, and casual outdoors person.

These are a few of my creative influences.

Cozy: Animal Crossing, Little Witch in the Woods, Coffee Talk, Dredge
Fantasy RPG: Witcher 3
Survival: The Forest, Sons of the Forest, Valheim, 7 Days to Die
Story: Disco Elysium, Life is Strange
TTRPG: Dungeons & Dragons 5e

TV & Movies: Star Trek, Reservation Dogs, Our Flag Means Death, The Magicians
Music: Gorillaz, Shakey Graves,  Minus the Bear, Social Distortion, The Flatliners, The Tossers, The Pogues

Living my best life outside a seafood shack in the Boston Seaport.