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rebelle & procreate

These are various personal projects from over the past few years. Some of these were created as custom gifts for loved ones. Most of them were painted in a very neat liquid paint simulation program called Rebelle, others were done in Procreate on my iPad.

A digital watercolor study of a transparent blue D20. Done in Rebelle 4Moe is my favorite Animal Crossing villager. Rebelle 4 ProDwarven Spirit, an ingredient in Witcher potions. I had the idea to make some potion recipe cards, but this is about as far as I got. Rebelle 4 ProWhite honey, an ingredient in Witcher potions. I had the idea to make some potion recipe cards, but this is about as far as I got. Rebelle 4 ProMy D&D ranger, Armoniel. Rebelle 4 ProArmoniel, in the style of the Owl House. ProcreateDigital watercolor / pen drawing of an anchor. Rebelle 3An anniversary gift for my parents: a digital watercolor version of one of their wedding photos. Rebelle 3The WooOOOooorst.  Rebelle 3


Vector art has always been a particular interest and strength of mine. Incidentally, It was through my vector graphics professor in college that I got my internship in the game industry.

Sea lion skull. IllustratorA pro bono logo I made for the Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue org. IllustratorA quick vector painting of my coworker's mouse, Pebbles. IllustratorA collection of shark teeth. IllustratorMagical moth lantern. IllustratorA metal sign I had printed for my dad's birthday to hang at his in-home barbershop after retirement. IllustratorSailboat in a bottle. IllustratorOyster shells. IllustratorUkelele with plumeria. IllustratorInpsired by an x-ray of a conch shell. IllustratorI liked the idea of combining a celtic knot with rope. Illustrator

stickers, mugs & apparel

Vector art has always been one of my stronger skills. I used this strength to start a small vinyl sticker-making business back in 2015. The shop became a little too successful to keep up with on top of a full time job, and so I retired it, only to dust it off again when the 2020 pandemic hit and I suddenly needed a new hobby and creative outlet. This time I ran the store as a print-on-demand operation, where the print house prints and ships directly to the Etsy customer, allowing me to enjoy doing the design work and marketing without having to manage inventory.


Dragonscales. Illustrator, Photoshop, Rebelle 3D&D dice cat stickers. IllustratorD20 Love sticker. IllustratorD20 Cat sticker. IllustratorStars and Stones (Dresden Files inspired) tee. IllustratorShare the Road (Mad Max Fury Road inspired) sticker. IllustratorPhases of the D20 tee. IllustratorHell's Bells (Dresden Files inspired) tee. Illustrator.Shirt of +1 stealth tee. IllustratorWitch kitty sticker. IllustratorD&D ugly sweater card. IllustratorHalloween dice cats. Illustrator


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