marvel puzzle quest

I joined the MPQ team at Demiurge Studios in April 2018 and soon became the solo UI/UX artist on the project.
Over the following 3 years, I balanced various responsibilities, including:

  • Supporting frequent content updates with in-game UI and marketing art
  • Researching, designing, and documenting user flows for new features, as well as long term quality-of-life improvements for existing features
  • Creating visual mockups for those features, implementing the art in Flash
  • Bug fixing, including localization
  • Conducting and documenting market research regarding in-app purchases, providing recommendations and best practices to product owners
  • The team eventually grew to include some UI and art support, whose contributions I supervised alongside our art director (who was a shared resource with other projects within the company).

Tile Repaint

Part of the visual overhaul of MPQ involved the tile art. My goals were to make both the color and shape of the gem more instantly readable, and to modernize the look. To achieve this I steered away from the black-and-white shading of the original, and incorporated color harmonies into the shading of the gems to give them more distinction from one another while also giving them more depth. The more subtle highlights helped the character icon overlays to stand out, and the darkening of the tile board added some much needed contrast for the tiles to stand out against.

event art

message of the day

One of my favorite routine tasks was creating a promotional message of the day (MOTD) for new character and costume releases. I was given character concept art, and supplemented that with both handmade textures and photos from creative commons sources. The typography and subtle breaking of the frame were particularly fun for me.

Carnage message of the daySabretooth message of the dayLegion message of the dayMagik message of the dayWorthy Captain America message of the dayTalos message of the dayBeta Ray Bill message of the dayRonin message of the dayMister Sinister message of the dayThanos message of the dayModok message of the dayMysterio message of the day

character icons

Each new character required an icon, which appeared next to their tile values in-game. This was sometimes handled by our other 2D artists, but it's something I always enjoyed doing when time allowed.

pre-match screen redesign

At one point, it was the hope of the team that we would have a chance to implement access to the Supports feature, as well as a saved team feature, from the pre-match flow. The Supports aspect of the feature made it into development, but sadly the remaining functionality had to wait until much later. These are some prototypes I created in Adobe XD highlighting my proposed changes.

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